Superano Cotto ham 1/1 - 1/2 - Mini



width: 23 cm
height: 13 cm
length: 27 cm


The Superano Cotto ham is a natural cooked ham that in the tradition of the range of all Grega hams tastes like ham used to taste. Our slow-cooking process brings out the delicate and juicy flavour, the tender texture and the rich pink colour of the ham.

The Superano Cotto ham has a caracteristic unique and practical shape which reduces the cutting waste to an absolute minimum. Second advantage of the shape : the slices of the Superano Cotto are beautifully even and large.

Also delicious to be served heated up or grilled !

The Superano Cotto is also available in a bit smaller form (Mini : about 6,5 kg) and in 1/2.

Ingredients: Porc, salt, dextrose, salt replacer potassium chloride E508, maltodextrin

Antioxidant: Sodium ascorbate E301

Preservative: Sodium nitrite E250

Average weight: about 7,5 kg 
                            Superano Cotto Mini : about 6,5 kg
                            1/2 : about 3,8 kg

Packaging: Vacuum

Storage: 4° C

Shelf life: 90 days after leaving factory